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Saturday, June 2, 2012

#Iran Fools Again

 The slow sleep walk that is Iran's not-so-secret quest for a militarized nuclear program, and the ICBMs to deliver warheads to Tel Aviv, Paris or Washington continues unabated and worse, unopposed.

Iran balked again in the latest failed talks - a pattern that the Western powers just never seem to learn their hard lesson - Iran's nuclear program is non-negotiable.

While the Western powers, beset by economic malaise and domestic politics, continue to dither and allow China and Russia to protect Tehran in their proxy war against the West, Iran marches forward now with enough highly-enriched uranium for probably five bombs.

Obstacles: China and Russia
The white elephant in the room of the entire Iran Imbroglio is the proxy war between the Western powers and China and Russia.

It is evident in the showdown over Syria, too.
Like Tehran, Damascus is a friendly client-state and does the bidding for Moscow and Beijing in the region.

Is that bidding for good or for evil?

Both Syria and Iran are two cancers in the Mid East region as state sponsors of terrorism and regional goals incompatible with a lasting peace. 

US Fecklessness
Add US fecklessness under the current Obama Administration and you have a region on the brink.

The unceremonious abandonment of Mubarak, a long-time ally in Egypt, has only heightened regional tensions and boosted radical Islamic influence. The repercussions are only now manifesting.

The forces against freedom - across the world - have been given a gift for four years with the current administration in Washington that sees the US more of a threat to world peace than its sworn enemies. 

Nuclear Iran
It has been the position of GSM for awhile that Iran has already joined the nuclear club. The talks are folly and only allow Tehran to consolidate its gains.

It is also unlikely the negative regime in Tehran will altruisticly decide to cast away its chip on the world chessboard. Is there any example in world history for this to happen?

The time period of 2001-2012 will be remembered when Iran was allowed to achieve nuclear primacy - unopposed - and a nuclear nightmare began for those who truly want peace and security in a dangerous world.

*** Peace through strength.

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