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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Iran Moves Headlong with Nuke Plans

Why is there so much handwringing in the global security community about Iran´s "intentions?"

The Teheran Tyranny´s intentions are clear - Nukes now and Nukes forever!

Terror, Inc.  has not engaged in deceit, deception, and duplicity to just one day roll over and throw away its nuclear capability (and its long-range missile project to deliver its warheads).

While the elected have the luxury to ignore their military chiefs, US Joint Chiefs of Staff Mullen has a duty to worry and he seems convinced Iran is not going to stop its drive for nuclear primacy as reported by Global Security Newswire in Mullen Sees Iranian Nuke Drive Persisting.

GSM has been consistent in its belief that the Teheran Tyranny is a clear and present danger to global security and no measures short of threatening regime survival will dissuade Iran from its dangerous nuclear gambit.
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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

USA in Disarray

The United States of America continues to be a country at grave risk in an increasingly dangerous world.

Worse, the USA is in total disarray at the highest levels of governance.

Team Obama appears bent on an economic, political, and social suicide pact. The much-ballyhooed trillion dollar "stimulus" plan has not revived the economy. There is a limit to government-inspired stimulus as any thoughtful Keynesian knows. Given most of the money allocated was political, not economic, who can be surprised?

The deficit grows wildy and the national debt nears 100% of GDP. Secretary of Treasury Geitner told the BBC that the world "cannot depend as much on the (United States) as it did in the past." That is a whopper of a statement, but certainly true with anti-capitalists running the show, right Mr. Geitner?

The USA is a Greece times ten and the day of reckoning is closer than many think.

Politically, the leftist minority in the US holds the levers of power in a center-right country, as confirmed by the latest Gallup poll. The current Congress will surely be reconstituted with less Yes-Obama votes after the November elections this year. Mr. Obama is lucky he is not up for re-election this year.

The passage of socialist health care by shear force against the will of the people has not been forgotten. One of the most important pieces of social legislation in a half-century will be imposed on a public that cherished their own private insurance plans. Given socialist health care is a manner to control the people and not about health care (since it is a wreck in every country that has tried to implement such a scheme), the American populace is rightfully outraged.

The current malaise in the USA could have been at least mitigated had Mr. Obama not won in November 2008. However, enough of the American people took a powder on election day and now have buyer´s remorse.

It is too late. When a citizenry collectively decides to toss away their responsibilities, candidates like Mr. Obama flourish.

Now with the USA in total decline and a president and his team dedicated to accelerating it, in the end, the American people can only blame themselves for the disarray in which they find their country.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Putin Reset? Boasts new jet fighter better than U.S. plane

Putin boasts new jet fighter better than U.S. plane

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin boasts that the PAK-FA Sukhoi T-50 is mightier than the US F-22 Raptor, killed by the US Senate last year.

The current leadership in the US does not see the need for such a fighter, unlike Russia.

The new fifth generation Russian fighter can take off from a short runway and deliver supersonic speed with a range of about 5,500 km.

Put military hardware issues aside.

What does Mr. Putin´s boast mentioning the US fighter forebode in relations between Moscow and Washington?
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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sick Spain nears EU Presidency Exit

El País, one of Spain´s national dailies, publishes a  paradoxical headline late Tuesday evening online: Zapatero defiende la solvencia de España en la cumbre de la UE (Zapatero Defends Spain´s Solvency at EU Summit).

Spain heads the EU until the end of June. The Spanish term began with such high hopes after finally getting Ireland to agree to the latest EU treaty revision.

Six months later, Spain has contributed mightily to the further destabilization of the entire EU project with its dire economic straits.

Unfortunately, Spain makes Greece look like a walk in the park.

The effete President of Spain, Socialist Jose Luiz Rodriguez Zapatero, is out of ideas because socialism is at its foundation a bankrupt economic model.

Now France has joined Spain in pushing aggressive pension reforms to try to stave off the inevitable culmination of quack economics - financial ruin.

The hardline unions in both countries are already crying in the streets, completely tone death to the economic precipice on which the EU rests.

The European Union is evaporating right before our eyes, just as GSM has long argued. The faux union and the faux euro currency are now in their death pangs.

Is France next? Then the EU project will certainly be fini!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

World Cup Eclipses Serious African News

Amid football fever gripping the world, serious issues remain on the African continent.

While global spectators cheer their favorite team beamed back home by satellite, others not too removed from the action are suffering.

The return of terror to white-owned farms in Zimbabwe, a critical presidential election in Guinea, and a food crisis in Nigeria only are some notable press items in the shadows of the fun and frolic in the World Cup held in South Africa.

While attention is focused on the game, problems in the rest of the continent are given scant notice, according to an article appearing in the local Mail and Guardian this Sunday.

Saudis Give Israel Green Light

In a ramp up to an inevitable conclusion to both the Turkey-Brazil diplomatic hat trick to shield the Teheran Tyranny and the toothless UN sanctions in which the US gave away the store to enact, Saudi Arabia, reports the Times of London, has given Israel, its erstwhile non-friend, rights to pass its airspace enroute to bomb Iran´s nuclear program.

As the recent raid on the Turkey aid convoys to Gaza reveals, Israel will not hesitate to defend itself.

While outside powers like the United States have the luxury, for now, to continue playing patty-cake with Terror, Inc. in Teheran, Israel does not.

All diplomatic nicieties aside, Iran presents a clear and present danger to global security. Pretending otherwise is a march of folly.

Teheran, unimpressed by UN Security Council sanctions, is actually much closer to passing the nuclear threshhold by continuing headlong on producing higher-enriched uranium, as even the IAEA conceded in a restricted UN report, according to the AFP in May.

Indeed, as GSM wrote in its net assessement, theWestern powers would actually make an Israeli attack on Iran more urgent given their pussilanimity.

The Iran case is a ticking-time bomb and regimes that rule by force only respect the use of force, a timely gem from the study of world history.