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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Iran Moves Headlong with Nuke Plans

Why is there so much handwringing in the global security community about Iran´s "intentions?"

The Teheran Tyranny´s intentions are clear - Nukes now and Nukes forever!

Terror, Inc.  has not engaged in deceit, deception, and duplicity to just one day roll over and throw away its nuclear capability (and its long-range missile project to deliver its warheads).

While the elected have the luxury to ignore their military chiefs, US Joint Chiefs of Staff Mullen has a duty to worry and he seems convinced Iran is not going to stop its drive for nuclear primacy as reported by Global Security Newswire in Mullen Sees Iranian Nuke Drive Persisting.

GSM has been consistent in its belief that the Teheran Tyranny is a clear and present danger to global security and no measures short of threatening regime survival will dissuade Iran from its dangerous nuclear gambit.
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