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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

ETA-FARC-Cuba-Venezuela Nexus

Spanish Judge Eloy Velasco released last week an auto de procesamiento (indictment) linking definitively  Basque terror group ETA, Colombian narco-guerrillas FARC, Cuba, and Venezuela in "subvertir el orden constitucional de los Estados dudando usar la violencia (underming the constitutional order of democratic doubt using violence)."

ETA-FARC Brotherhood
ETA of Spain have been working with the FARC of Colombia since 1999 (see indictment, p. 2).

The auto contains evidence from various sources (including the treasure trove from captured FARC laptops in a Colombian military raid into Ecuador) of:
  • training in explosives;
  • training of eterras (ETA terrorists) by FARC of "el manejo de misiles tierre/aire" (handling ground to air missiles) in their Venezuelan camps;
  • ETA`s targetting of former President Andres Pastrana of Colombia and current President Alvaro Uribe, and other Colombians in Spain for assassination, at the request of the FARC.
State Supporters for Terrorism - Cuba and Venezeula
Terrorist organizations need state support to thrive. Iran aids and abets Hezbollah and Hamas to attack Israel by proxy.

Likewise, Cuba and Venezuela use the FARC to club Colombia, Latin America`s oldest democracy.

Eterras safely protected from the law while living in Cuba coordinated contact with the FARC (see indictment, p.8).

In addition to the training grounds mentioned above, Judge Velasco focuses like a laser beam on Venezuela in his indictment by noting specifically "la cooperación gubermental venezolana en la ilícita colaboracion entre las FARC y ls ETA (the cooperation of the Venezuelan government in the illicit collaboration between the FARC and ETA)(see indictment, p.26).

US List State Sponsors of Terrorism
It is time for the United States to join Venezuela with Cuba on its State Department List of State Sponsors of Terrorism and prepare other measures to counter Caracas` negative influence in the Americas.