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Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Gemini Gambit: Iran and North Korea against the US

Two members of the much-maligned "Axis of Evil" - Iran and North Korea - are in cohoots together with the support of China to take maximum advantage of a weak US president at home and abroad.

Beijing's proxy war has never ceased against Washington. Too bad Washington does not realize this fact.

As GSM opined long ago, the US would do NOTHING to stop Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons under the overmatched President Barak Obama.

Iran-North Korea Axis
So, Iran plays rope-a-dope in Kazakhstan in yet another successful attempt to buy time to complete its nuclear program.

North Korea threatens the US and South Korea with nuclear war.

These news items are not isolated.

The Iran-North Korea partnership is long-standing and is even closer today.

Evil twins Iran and North Korea are in a Gemini Gambit with China in full support to inflict the most damage possible on a cowardly US president and a USA in deep decline.

The future of Asia is not only in jeopardy, but a stable world order is as well.
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