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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Saudis Give Israel Green Light

In a ramp up to an inevitable conclusion to both the Turkey-Brazil diplomatic hat trick to shield the Teheran Tyranny and the toothless UN sanctions in which the US gave away the store to enact, Saudi Arabia, reports the Times of London, has given Israel, its erstwhile non-friend, rights to pass its airspace enroute to bomb Iran´s nuclear program.

As the recent raid on the Turkey aid convoys to Gaza reveals, Israel will not hesitate to defend itself.

While outside powers like the United States have the luxury, for now, to continue playing patty-cake with Terror, Inc. in Teheran, Israel does not.

All diplomatic nicieties aside, Iran presents a clear and present danger to global security. Pretending otherwise is a march of folly.

Teheran, unimpressed by UN Security Council sanctions, is actually much closer to passing the nuclear threshhold by continuing headlong on producing higher-enriched uranium, as even the IAEA conceded in a restricted UN report, according to the AFP in May.

Indeed, as GSM wrote in its net assessement, theWestern powers would actually make an Israeli attack on Iran more urgent given their pussilanimity.

The Iran case is a ticking-time bomb and regimes that rule by force only respect the use of force, a timely gem from the study of world history.

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