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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Now, the Bell Tolls for #Spain

After Greece, now #Spain?

The Choice
Which is it, Espãna?

Courage to leave the (demonstrable) failed policies and practices in the past or continue the road to destitution?

Tired, Failed Unionists
Look at the tired, worn faces of the unionists leading the la huelga nacional (national strike) across Spain today.

With the highest unemployment rates in the EU, doesn't Spain need to work more, not less? Just a thought.

Toxo and Méndez  (CC OO and UGT respectively) pontificated today as if they have the real power in the country, not the Rajoy government which was just popularly elected in a landslide last November.

In fact, their old ways are out of step with a country facing financial ruin.

Their inflexibility, insularity, and inutility are barriers to saving Spain.

Narrow interests should not be allowed to hobble the economy of such a beautiful country.

The days of leftist union leaders demanding more from the taxypayers at whatever expense are over in Europe.

Are the unionists happy to be part of the problem rather than part of the solution?

Is Spain "Europe's biggest problem?"

Le Monde, France's leftist newspaper, singled out Spain in a frontpage headline as Europe's biggest problem (after Greece, I suppose).

The Rajoy government may not succeed in liberalizing the Spanish economy.

If it does not, Spain is likely the "next Greece."

Her youth - the future - are already abandoning the country because of the sky-high unemployment rate.

Worse, there is no hope, at least in the short run, for any positive change.

Spaniards have a choice. 

They can support the leftists in the street smashing windows of businesses and whose policies only exacerbated Spain's finances under the Socialists and thus are responsible for the current economic morass.

Or they can give the Rajoy government a chance and give their country a chance to avoid a repeat of Greece.

Or watch the entire European Union unravel around them.

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