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Friday, March 9, 2012

#Spain heads for #union strike, 29 March

 So, at a time when Spain needs to work more, be more productive, and deliver value to global markets, here come the public unions calling for a general strike on 29 March.

Are the unionistas tone deaf ?

Out of touch public unions
Any change to the status quo that may require the rigid unions to make concessions is automatically deemed non-negotiable.

Maybe the union bosses have not noticed - the status quo is not sustainable.  Spain is sinking along with the entire faux "European Union."

And what happens when there is no business, no economy, to pay workers?

How will the greedy public union bosses earn their high salaries and privileges then?

Rajoy's Popular Party was swept into office last November after the disastrous failure of the Socialists under Zapatero to rejuvenate Spain - to save the democracy.

Should not the unionistas be wary of obstructing reform that is desperately needed?

EU Technocrats Arrive
Spain is not going to be the "next Greece" and grovel to Brussels.

Rajoy will not inflict more damage to the Spanish economy to please EU technocrats.

His defiance to not meet deficit targets for 2012 has drawn the ire of Brussels and now EU bean counters will descend on Spain to "verify" the deficit numbers.

Post-Greece EU
It appears that the Greek debt swap will work in the short term.

Now Portugal, Spain, and Italy are under greater scrutiny to strengthen their economies.

The eurozone crisis persists and will persist until there is more economic freedom to compete in the global market and less intrusion from Brussels and self-interested unionistas.


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