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Thursday, June 14, 2012

#Putin's Snarling #Russia

Newly-elected former KGB Colonel Vladimir Putin is once again in total control of Russia and his global adversaries had better wake up.

A snarling Russia is back after a short hibernation under former puppet president Dmitry Medvedev.

From the brutal crackdown of the opposition at home to shielding Iran and Syria from international outrage abroad, Putin aims to use Moscow's limited influence where it can do the most damage to international peace.

The US Administration of President Obama now must see clearly what Russia has always been - a worthy adversary to stir up trouble on the global chessboard.

The last thing the Syrian Crisis needed was a Russian shipment of attack helicopters to help the Asad Regime in Damascus to cut down the opposition coalition.

Future of Global Security
The Syrian Conflict has always been more than an internal squabble between a disaffected opposition and an illegtimate authortitarian in another Mid East sandbox.

It is clearly Russia, China, and Iran vs. the US and its Western allies about the future of global security.

Russia of course needs to demonstrate fealty to its client states and deliver goods - it's good business for Moscow. Putin has brazenly laid down his marker.

The US-Russia-China squareoff over Syria is a window into the current state of international relations.

As from the beginning, the current US Administration is overmatched to defend freedom and its interests abroad. 

The decline of the US, presided happily over by the current Administration, could not come at a worse time.

*** Peace through strength.

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