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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Worrying Turn in #Syria Crisis

 The UN's point man on the Syrian Crisis, the former chief of the ineffectual organization, Kofi Annan, wants Iran to enter the talks to resolve the situation.

This is the problem with muddle-headed multilaterialism. Not every country at the table is an equal or shares the same values or interests as the others.

The least common demoninator always prevails and as massacres of civilians climb, is that really what the world needs now?

Wrong Move on Iran
Iran is a terrorist state and an international pariah that does not have a clean hands with the UN or any other legitimate international organization.

Because of Iran, the Asad Regime has been able to hold onto power so far. With its partners Russia and China, inserting Iran into the equation only complicates the vision of a post-Asad Syria.

Iran, China, and Russia do not want a post-Asad Syria!

Mr. Annan, always an amiable dupe for the forces of wrong in global conflicts, again shows his poor understanding of global politics, at best.

Iran-Syria-Hizbollah Axis
Western interests are to break the Iran-Syria-Hizbollah Axis of Evil.

Syria is the fulcrum and without "The Lion" Asad at least one terrorist mafia is broken and lives are spared.

Of course that is of no concern for Mr. Annan who sees no difference in any side and continues to play the role of a menace on the world stage.

Asad Must Go
The former London-based pediatrician-turned-dictator after Papa Asad passed no longer has any legitimacy, if ever.

His army is in rebellion. The grip on perennial puppet-state Lebanon is tenuous.

That does not automatically mean the "Syrian Opposition" is the best-equipped to replace him.

One of the dominant players lurking is the Muslim Brotherhood.

While the constantly changing Kaleidescope that is Mid Eastern politics is not so easily understood, the merciless deaths of so many Syrian civilians caught between warring factions is.

A humanitarian crisis underlies the struggle at the "peace talks" among world powers to find a way out of the cul-de-sac that is the Syrian Crisis.

Iran is part of the problem, not part of solution. Surely even Mr. Annan can appreciate that point.

*** Peace through strength.

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