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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

EU death throes continue, strikes wrack Continent

Austerity measures drew union protests across the European Union in 10 ten cities resulting in the arrest of 218 in Brussels, its capital, alone. Strikes by out of touch syndicalists is the lest of the EU's worries.

Spain experienced its seventh general  national strike with calls of '¡'Zapatero dimisión!'' (Zapatero resign!)

Zapatero is the president of Spain and as a socialist, a reliable friend of the unions. 

The European Union's fiscal crisis is not over. Moderate moves to reign in its spending is rejected by the unions at a time when the markets are calling for fiscal sanity. 

Labor reform including a higher retirement age is a nonstarter for entrenched interests across the Continent. 

Change is never easy but reality is closing in on the doddering socialist welfare states in Europe suffering from massive public deficit spending  and an ageing population which together threaten the viability of the EU

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