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Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Grim Future for the EU - Report

The spring of the EU's discontent is doubled by a report from a distinguished group of former leaders who paint a grim future for the so-called union: Un rapport sur l'avenir de l'Europe met en garde contre sa «marginalisation» face à l'Asie  (A report on the future of Europe warns against "marginalization" by Asia).

Alors que l’Europe commémore dimanche 9 mai 2010 - la journée de l’Europe -, le 60e anniversaire de la Déclaration Schuman, un rapport du « groupe des Sages » de l’UE rendu samedi 8 mai sur l’avenir de l’Europe n’est pas très optimiste et met en garde contre la « marginalisation » du continent face à l'Asie. 

As Europe commemorates "the European journey" on Sunday, May 9, with the 60th anniversary of the Schuman Declaration, a report by the EU's "Group of Wise Ones" delivered on Saturday, May 8, is less optimistic and warns against the "marginalization" by Asia. 

GSM thought the crises (plural) so severe facing the EU - from immigration and energy woes to the fear of a growing youthful and angry Muslim population to the failed welfare state - that it ranked as our 6th Strategic Question for 2010. In February we pointed out that the EU is Evaporating.

The premises of the EU sow the seeds of its current (and continuing) problems. Namely, the nation-states cannot disown their political, economic, and social history for a pan-European vision of cooperation, unity, and a "one for all and all for one" sentiment.

Secondly, socialism is a costly failed economic system. The EU is sinking fast because it cannot afford its generious welfare state.

Socialism is based on theft. After stealing the wealth from the risk-takers and the productive, the "Golden Goose" is eventually killed. Little productivity, less innovation, and mounting debt compared to other economic actors in the world do marginalize the faux European union.

While Greece, Portugal, and Spain figure heavily in the current economic crisis, other EU states are far from perfect models for economic success.

The entire EU experiment is in question and the continuing decline of the euro currency inexorably leads to a possibly frightful denouement.
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