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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Colombia Scores Major Victory over FARC

Newly-elected President Santos of Colombia begins his term with another dead commander in the inner circle of the FARC, the oldest rebel army group in Latin America fighting Bogotá for more than 40 years.

The number two commander and reputed sadistic narcoterrorist,Victor Suárez, nicknamed "Mono Jojoy,'' died in a heavy bombardment and military raid, according to military sources last Thursday.

President Santos stated"Once again I notify the leaders of the FARC and the guerrillas: We're going after you. We will not hold back any effort."

Plus, another treasure trove of laptops, pen drives, and files was captured, an invaluable bonus to learn more about the group's workings.

Madrid's ABC daily newspaper reports that an infiltrator in the FARC command structure, not a GPS device in his boots as some media outlets reported, led the military to the rebel hideout.

If true, perhaps the latest daring maneuver marks the beginning of the end of the narcoterror war against the innocent of Colombia.

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