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Monday, August 9, 2010

Brazil - Iran Split on Stoning Punishment

Add Brazil to the list of countries willingly hoodwinked by Terror,Inc.

In May, Brazil linked up with Turkey to provide a fig leaf for the Teheran Tyranny to escape "harsh" UN sanctions by getting Iran to sign an accord to "swap lightly enriched uranium for more highly enriched supplies."

Brazilian President Lula´s big diplomatic play on the world stage flopped. He wasted his reserve of political capital to help out his friend Hugo Chavez of Venezeula, a close ally of  theTeheran Tyranny.

Fast foward to August. A young Iranian woman, Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtianthe, faces the antidiluvian punishment of stoning to death for alleged adultery.

Lula hoped to once again use his good offices and his "relação de amizade" (friendly relationship) to prevail upon his counterparat, the public face of the Teheran Tyranny, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, by offering political asylum to spare her life.

Terror,Inc. no doubt thanks Lula for the fig leaf on the nuclear front, but soundly rejected him. The Brazilian president was "misinformed" about the case, a spokesperson said.

No one is misinformed about a rogue regime that continues to defy the international community with impunity. Its barbaric and macabre tactics terrorize not only the Iranian people, but others in the world through its Islamic fascist terrorism.

Brazil, an emerging giant on the world stage, should choose its friends more carefully.

Alignment with Terror,Inc. has not redounded positively for Brasilia as evidence by the split now evident in the "friendly relationship."

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