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Friday, February 25, 2011

Sanction Khadafy's Libya? Get Real!

Headlines today point to sanctions as the Western response to the quickly unfolding events in Libya:

Libye: Berlin pour des sanctions (Libya: Berlin for sanctions,

Francia y Reino Unido reclaman a la ONU la imposición de sanciones a Libia
(France and United Kingdom ask UN for imposition of sanctions for Libya,

Get real!
As the French press reports today, the third most important city in Libya, Misrata, has fallen to the rebels.

The circle is tightening around the cruel and crazy Khadafy. The battle for Tripoli is coming.

Not Sanctions, Troops
International powers may consider a peacekeeping force instead as the mercs fill the pro-Khadafy ranks.

Images of the macabre scenes in the streets, the spread of malnutrition, and general breakdown of society suggest a humanitarian disaster at the hands of a desperate despot.

Sanctions are often an excuse for doing nothing. The current country of Libya is ceasing to exist as rebel control expands.

More creative and bold ideas are needed to deal constructively with the post-Khadafy period. It is time to face that reality.

The European Union has the most the lose from the falling dominoes in North Africa from a refugee crisis.

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