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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Ineffectual Libya Foray

The Western powers, led presumably by France and the United Kingdom, not the United States, have made a tragic mistake entering into the Libyan civil war.

Curious Motives
While the plight of the Libyan people is cited, the West's motivations for intervention in the Libya affairs are circumspect. The Libyan people have been held captive for over 40 years by the madman in Tripoli.

Their plight is now an international issue?

Paris and London are curious leaders of the military operations against the murderous Khadafy regime.

President Sarkozy of France is still reeling from the forced resignation of his foreign minister, Alliot-Marie, in wake of the Tunisian rebellion and her scandalous links to the former dictatorship in Tunis.

Prime Minister David Cameron's UK (under former Labour PMs Blair and Brown) paved the way for the release of the so-called "Lockerbie bomber" from prison in Scotland.

The United States has been very reluctant to take any position beyond empty rhetoric against one of its presumed inveterate enemies who sponsors international terrorism.

President Barak Obam had been hailed as a "friend" by Colonel Khadafy, and gently refers to "Libya" only in his remaks on the subject, avoiding Khadafy by name.

Too little, too late
While Colonel Khadafy is not unlike other blood-soaked autocrats without any legitimacy in MENA (Middle East and North Africa), the die is cast: Benghazi, the last significant rebel holdout and capital of "Free Libya" is bound to fall back into his fold.

The half-hearted Western response is too little too late.

Beyond the landing of ground forces to stop the pro-Khadafy forces advance on Benghazi, and short of forcefully removing the Tripoli tyrant, the military maneuver will be seen as an ineffectual foray.

Post-Uprising Libya
Khadafy is likely to unleash a wave of oppression in wake of his victory.

While weakened, he will have the resources to reform his military and security apparatus to remain in power.

The Western powers will have no leverage to manage the ''mad dog'' after the attacks.

"Limited" military action does not exist in the global security lexicon. Victory is what counts.

London, Paris, and Washington are officially at war with Tripoli. The trio is now committed to the rebels and their defeat will be the defeat of the Western powers.

Khadafy's propensity for terrorism is just one worrisome result from the failed Western intervention.

The West's tragic mistake of ''intervention on the cheap'' will make Libya more dangerous and belligerent in an increasingly unstable MENA bordering on war.
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