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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

#Iran's Med Cruise through #Suez

The on-again off-again news reports about two Iranian warships set to pass through the Suez Canal for the first time since the Revolution is a curious item.

Press accounts have been both frenetic and erroneous. Why?

Chilling Egypt-Israel Relations
Terror, Inc. decided to run the gauntlet now to exploit the chaos in the wake of Mubarak's fall from power.

The Egyptian military junta has apparently decided to allow passage of the British-built Alvand frigate and a supply ship in a purported ''training mission'' in Syria. Sure.

One can speculate about the ''supplies'' Iran brings to Syria and its puppets Lebanon, Hizbullah and Hamas.

It will mark the first time an Iranian warship ever docked at a Syrian port.

The indecisiveness of Cairo to allow the passage shows the chaos in the decision-making process in the power vacuum following the exit of Hosni Mubarak.

It would be nice to know also to what degree the junta's relationship with Israel factored into the agreement. That the ships were granted passage could show a definite chill in Egyptian-Israeli relations.

Flexing naval power is an age-old tactic by states to prove their bona fides as a power player.

None of Iran's moves is calming or for fostering stability.

Terror,Inc's designs to become a regional hegemon are explicit. The quest for nuclear primacy already is an unsettling issue rattling an already shaky region.

Moreover, widening Iranian and Syrian cooperation is another facet of the Iranian cruise into the Med via the Suez. Both terrorist states are aligned for the destruction of Israel.

No doubt Damascus is still fuming about the preventative strike by Israel which destroyed its budding nuclear plant in 2007.

Events in the Middle East are shifting daily, but one observation stands pat - a regional showdown is brewing among the states aimed at the Jewish state.

Whether Sunni or Shia, the Islamist fascist factions agree Israel must be vanquished and plot to realize this perverse dream.

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