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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Israel-PLO ''Peace" Talks Failing Yet Again

News reports already signal another doomed round of ''peace talks'' between Israel and the PLO: Citing Israeli settlement-building, Palestinians rule out talks.

''Cautiously hopeful'' US President Obama is as susceptible (maybe more) than his predecessors to the hubris in the failure to ink a successful agreement between Israel and the PLO since launching the face-to-face talks in early September.

President Bashar Assad of Syria makes a poignant point: US President Obama was only seeking to score domestic political points with the new round of discussions, a cynical, but perhaps accurate assessment.

Of course the building of Israeli settlements (on its own territory) was a ready-made excuse for the PLO to play to save face. Israel does not owe the PLO anything, especially after saving it when Hamas booted them from the Gaza Strip in 2007.

Frankly, there is no peace at all in  ''peace talks'' which are designed to get Israel to make concessions - to cut its throat in the name of countless diplomats and its enemies who have never made this one concession - stopping attempts to end the Jewish state by any means possible.

Israel is justified in its protecting its national interests like any other sovereign country.

Given the PLO is in no position to impose ''peace'' on Jerusalem, it is best to re-assess and face a reality without its own homeland given both must confront a common enemy - Hamas.

There are certainly more pressing issues than the so-called Israeli-Palestinian Question for diplomats to mull as the Middle East region continues to slide toward war.

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