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Monday, October 25, 2010

Brazil to Polls Next Sunday

Sao Paulo, Brazil - 21h50 - Sunday - 

It appears the leftist Workers Party candidate, Dilma Rousseff, is still the favorite to succeed the party's popular incumbent President Lula in Round Two of Brazil's presidential election.

However, more one-party rule intrigue and the gender gap have surfaced as the election nears.

Apparently, audio recordings attest to the fact that the Justice Ministry received requests by Ms. Rousseff and others to compile dossiers on her political adversaries, according to Veja magazine.

On Sunday, the daily  Folha in Sao Paulo revealed payments were made to workers in the ministry for the dossier.

In a separate report, Folha reported a gender gap as ''Dilma's Achilles heel.''

However, the gap is not what you may suspect. More men (51%) support Ms. Rousseff than women (43%)!

Is there sufficient doubt about the sanity of one-party rule given the reported abuses of power? Can she bridge the gender gap in time?

Veteran observers say ''yes,'' but what about the voters on Halloween Sunday?
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