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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Brazil's Rocky Road Ahead

 Sao Paulo, 31/10/2010, 11h54BST
Dilma Rousseff

Worldwide headlines in the papers today point to an expected win by Worker Party (Partido dos Trabalhadores, PT) Dilma Rousseff in the second round to succeed her mentor and current President Lula da Silva of Brazil.

Red flags abound surrounding the choice of Ms. Rousseff to lead Brazil.

A vote for Ms. Rousseff is blind. There is no evidence she is ready to lead Latin America's largest country and economy.

A rather empty and nasty campaign based on Lula's reputation and success propelled her bid. His accomplishments - not hers.

Ms. Rousseff is a ''true believer'' as a former leftist revolutionary during the military government. But, once a leftist revolutionary always a leftist revolutionary.

Press restrictions are on their way to Brazil as authoritarianism grows under PT one-party control.

Press censorship will undoubtedly redound to erosion of personal freedom.

The Brazilian experiment with democracy (just a short 25 years) will be challenged severely in the future with the continuance of statists in power. 

The projected victory of Ms. Rousseff today opens a new chapter in Brazil's history.

While ''continuity'' was sold to soothe the country's doubts about her since her radical past is well-known, it is a mirage.

Expect a sharp left turn ahead instead.

Brazil faces a rocky road ahead on many fronts.
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