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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Terror Inc. Inches Closer to Weaponized Nukes

Iran's unimpeded march to obtain weaponized nuclear material and the long-range missiles to deliver such a payload continues to trouble GSM.

Today's English daily Tehran Times prints this headline front and center: Iran begins nuclear fusion studies (more: Yahoo video).

The military aim of Iran's nuclear program is undeniable as evidenced by this news.

Terror,Inc.'s boldness (shamelessness?) is a testament to the rogue regime's confidence no one dare forcefully oppose its nefarious plans.

While the West dithers as predicted in our Net Assessment, the onus of confronting Iran falls ever greater on Israel, the frequent target of vitriol from the Teheran Tyranny.

A thoughtful essay (''A Military Attack on Iran? Considerations for Israeli Decision Making'') by Ron Tira in the current edition of INSS' Strategic Assessment journal weighs the ramifications of such an action to disrupt if not destroy Terror,Inc.'s nuclear program.

Mr. Tira acknowledges Israel cannot alone halt Iran's advance, but that a military campaign would force the world to finally face the dire threat a nuclear Iran presents to global security:

Thus the main value of an attack does not lie in the direct physical damage to the nuclear program, rather in the political follow-on trends necessary to realize the strategic goal. (pg.50)
The ''political follow-on trends'' may be anticipated, but not controlled once the powder keg explodes.

What will US President Barak Obama do after playing pattycake with the Teheran Tyranny for over a year and a half now, if Israel pulls the trigger?

Condemnation from the usual suspects in the international community of any Israeli action is predictable.

Washington has a choice to make as well. Time is running out.

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