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Sunday, July 11, 2010

75 Freed Political Prisoners = End of US embargo on Cuba?

Castro´s Cuba, in its very sad and too long history, has never shied away from theatrics.

With another hunger-striker near death, El Máximo Castro reappears in public (again, only still-shots), and in an apparent breakthrough on the release of a block of unjustly jailed political opponents, some observers believe it is a win-win for the rogue regime in La Habana. If not, it would not have happened.

Madrid´s El País has led the coverage of Cuba´s biggest release to date of  75 presos políticos (political prisoners) in a deal evidently brokered by Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Ángel Moratinos Cuyabué.

The move drew jeers from influential Cuban-American blogger,Alberto de la Cruz, accusing Spain of "scheming behind closed doors with a murderous regime and the compromised and immoral leadership of the Catholic church in Cuba."

Undeniably, Spain under the unsteady leadership of socialist President José Luiz Zapatero, has been manipulated by the regime to gain coveted favorability by the European Union.

Moreover, the influential daily El Nuevo Herald in Miami reports the prisoner release is "...sólo una concesión táctica de un gobierno que enfrenta una fulminante crisis económica y es improbable que a largo plazo suavice medio siglo de autoritarismo y mano dura.(only a tactical concession by a regime facing a worsening economic crisis and it is unlikely to ease its half-century of authoritarian control in the long term).

Alas, is the door finally open for the left-leaning US President Barak Obama to ease, if not end the embargo, on the repressive prison paradise island?

Such a bold policy change would hand Castro, Inc. its long-sought moral victory and mark a total defeat in the US´s Cuba policy.

The Democrat-run House Agriculture Committee voted last week to ease the tough travel restrictions which allows more dollars to flow into Castro, Inc.´s coffers, moving the US closer to hollowing out the embargo.

Unfortunately, the trend is toward a "bailout" of Castro, Inc., not preparing for its burial as GSM mulled in its Top 6 Strategic Questions for 2010.
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