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Sunday, January 3, 2010

US Gives Iran More Chances

I suppose the United States is not too proud (or powerful) to beg as evidenced by this article in the New York Times: U.S. Sees an Opportunity to Press Iran on Nuclear Fuel.

Please, please Teheran...Sanctions are an excuse to avoid facing the real issue and do not work

The Western powers' "engagement" with Iran throughout the last two decades is littered with deadlines given to and deadlines passed by Iran. Teheran is an expert at this game by now, however deadly the game is. Even a play of Web 2.0 Social Media in a YouTube message for the Iranian New Year did not affect them.

The West issued deadlines. Iran continued to build it military-civilian nuclear program and tested ballistic missiles with ever greater ranges.

Going Forward
Now in 2010, Iran can reach southern Europe and eventually all of Europe and the "Great Satan," the United States. The US military is already simulating an Iranian attack after the last Sajjil-2 missile test.

Teheran is happy to play the game of more chances until the day arrives when the West´s chances to stop Iran are gone.

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