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Monday, January 4, 2010

Blair and Bush Were Right on Saddam

History will smile upon the removal of Iraqi dictator Saddam "Butcher of Baghdad" Hussein by US President George W. Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair in the Second Gulf War, "Operation Iraqi Freedom," beginning in 2003.

The current Chilcot inquiry in the United Kingdom (the third one now) is an attempt to rewage a war that was just and has already been fought. It is nothing more than political revenge and retribution.

The aim is not the "truth." The aim is to gather more "evidence" to try Mr. Bush and Mr. Blair plus former Vice President Dick Cheney and Defense Secretary David Rumsfeld in an international tribunal as war criminals. The International Left wants to criminalize policy decisions of those with whom they disagree.

The nub of the controversey swirls around the apparent absence of WMDs in Iraq which was part of the argument against Saddam. Saddam attempted to assassinate US President George H. Bush after Gulf War I on a post-war visit to Kuwait in 1993 which is offense enough to topple a foreign regime.

In an interview with UK Channel 4 Mr. Blair, in a preemptive shot, responded to his critics, again. Mr. Blair will testify this month before the commission.

The intense fire of criticism of the Iraq War saved Iran and Syria from the same fate and the world is more dangerous.

At least Mr. Obama and Mr. Brown, Mr. Blair´s successor, do not have to face a nuclear Iraq and a soon-to-be nuclear Iran at the same time no thanks to the permanent anti-war protesters no matter how egregiously brutal the regimes they shill for are.
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