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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Cuba limps through 2009

In our post, Strategic Questions 2010, we questioned the longevity of Castro, Inc.

The "demented experiment" of  Castroism has "virtually destroyed" the island's economy  and wrecked the lives of its people with human rights abuses.

According to a media report, Cuba faced worst economic crisis in 2009, the drop in nickel prices, less tourism, and the global financial crisis hit the la isla hard. La Habana never recuperated from the hurricanes in 2008, too. Above all, Castroism - communist kleptocracy with little human freedom- is an unmitigated fiasco.

China is Cuba´s main banker and Belarus sports credits as well for cars and machinery. Banks like Lloyds TSB in countries friendly to and with offices in the US have faced pressure to sever ties or face prosecution, at least until the Obama Administration.

Reuters reported a 1.4% increase in the Cuban economy as opposed to the 1.7% projected, but adds la isla uses"una fórmula especial para calcular el PIB (a special formula to calculate the GDP). No doubt they do.

Until the billionaires Fidel and now nominal Presidente Raúl Castro leave the scene, Cuba and the other states in the region emulating Castro, Inc. are doomed to a cruel and punishing existence.
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