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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Bet on Sinking, Cuba

Lil Brother Raúl lashed out at the rubber-stamp Cuban National Assembly over the moribund state of Castro, Inc. yesterday ( - "O rectificamos o nos hundimos'' - Either we make corrections or sink).

In a bit of comic relief, he even suggested that committing the same errors of the past  pone en juego "la vida de la revolución" (endanger the life of the revolution). Good!

And just who committed those errors?

Economic Crisis Deepens
Dr. Pavel Vidal Alejandro of the Universidad de La Habana provides background to the current crisis in a short paper published by the Spain´s Real Instituto Elcano entitled, El rompecabezas monetario y financiero cubano (Headache of Cuban Money and Finance)

Dr. Alejandro points to the trouble of the dual (dueling?) currencies - convertible and nonconvertible peso - and the financial disequilibriums in the banking sector.

However, one fundamental fact is inescapable - socialism does not work, especially the extreme state-centralized Castro style. No amount of cash infusions into the dying patient can revive it.

One of GSM's Top Six Strategic Questions of 2010 was - Does Castro, Inc. survive?

So now like in 2009, Cuba limps along.

Various media reports say a Wikileaks cable from the US Interest Section discussed a broke Cuba in two or three years.

Return to freedom
The entire Cuban experience under the jackboot of Castro,Inc. has been a nightmare in the cost of lives and treasure on the paradisaical prison island for those outside the communist elite.

Castro, Inc. cannot sink fast enough so freedom and prosperity can return to the once upon a time ''pearl of the Caribbean.''

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