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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Mr. Obama´s Top 6 Foreign Policy Flops

Top 6 Obama Foreign Policy Flops

6. Honduras - Washington initially backed the constitutionally-removed Mel Zelaya who sought to perpetuate his presidential term beyond its time limit. It was disgraceful to embrace false coup language and side with the Castro-Chavez Club in Latin America.

5. China - President Obama was roundly criticized for showing weakness and undue deference to Beijing, the United States´ major creditor. He tepidly spoke about human rights and returned home empty-handed on issues ranging from the environment and help with Iran.

4. Afghanistan - In his latest speech, Mr. Obama abandons the war effort to defeat Al Quayda and the Taliban and signals a fundamental absence of understanding about international affairs and how to confront tyranny.

3. Russia - The US president abandoned Central European allies the Czech Republic and Poland by withdrawing a Bush-era missile defense shield against Iranian (and Russian) missiles, all in a vain effort to curry favor with Moscow on Iran sanctions.

2. Iran - It is clear that Washington has no desire to stop the Teheran Tyrants from acquiring nuclear weapons and the missiles to deliver them. Words alone cannot and do not tame tyrants. Human history is replete with examples. Sadly, the US president is not a student of history. GSM will release an exclusive Net Assessment with more details about the Iranian impasse.

1. War on Islamic Fascism - The United States is at war despite inexplicable behavior by the country´s president to deny that reality and act in a cavalier manner toward the most serious threat to the nation´s survival. From allowing some key parts of the Patriot Act to expire, closing the facilities at Guantonomo Bay to interrogate prisoners for intelligence to prevent future attacks, to allowing a civilian court trial for Khalid Sheik Muhammaed and other alleged perpetrators of the 9/11 attacks and to flinching in the stares of evil from Iran and the Al Quayda/Taliban threat in Afghanistan, it is obvious Mr. Obama is severely misinformed about the true nature of the threat.

The war within Islam has become the world´s problem manifested in the various terror groups from Asia to America. By not taking on Terror Inc - Iran - directly, the United States is treading dangerously in an increasingly unstable world partly because of US tepidness and disengagement.

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