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Monday, December 21, 2009

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Social media is also important in the realm of global security!

We are pleased to announce our Facebook fan page and Twitter space!

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Join us on our Facebook fan page exclusively for our situational analysis of global security. Every Monday, read our Weekly Global Security Situation for a recap of the most important events of the past week plus our expert commentary to understand the events in context. We anticipate robust debate in the Discussion section of the site and check out our Links to stay informed. We conduct research in English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese to see the large picture  and gain access to the most information possible on any given subject. Join us today!

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Our Twitter site reflects our updates on this blog and Facebook. Plus we have used the Lists function to gather an eclectic resource base. Thank you in advance for tweeting our posts! Click the link in the top left corner of our blogsite to follow us today!

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If you need research from open sources in Spanish, French, or Portuguese and presented in a stylish English language report or a translation of documents in said languages to English, please contact Professor Winn at by sending an email to for a prompt evaluation.

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