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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

GSM Daily: Afghan-Pakistan Contagion

The fates of Afghanistan and Pakistan are intertwined.

Dual attacks in the Afghan capital of Kabul and Peshwar in Pakistan today underscore the dire security threat each country faces. The inability of each country´s weak central government to exercise state control over all its territory, widespread corruption, and Al Quayda and Taliban elements on their murky border beset both.

The fragility of each country´s existence as states is an interminable vexing issue for global security analysts to predict likely outcomes of the Afghan-Pakistan contagion.

If the Taliban returns to Kabul and an Islamic fascist faction upends the current government in Islamabad (and gains control of the nuclear weapons), the security dynamics in the region change suddenly and for the worse.

from France2:

Kaboul: 6 employés de l'Onu tués par les talibans

Kabul: 6 UN employees killed by the Taliban

La sécurité a été renforcée mercredi matin à Kaboul pour protéger les étrangers après des attaques de talibans

Security reinforced Wednesday morning in Kabul to protect foreigners after Taliban attacks

A l'aube, six employés de l'ONU ont péri dans l'attaque de leur maison d'hôtes. Puis deux roquettes ont été tirées sur un hôtel de luxe Serena, à Kaboul, sans faire de victimes.

Six UN employees died in a dawn attack on their housing complex. Two rockets slammed into the the luxurious Serena hotel aftewards in Kabul without any injuries.

Les talibans ont revendiqué ce qu'ils appellent la "première étape" de leur campagne visant à déstabiliser le 2e tour de l'élection présidentielle, prévu le 7 novembre.

The Taliban said it is the ´´first stage´´ of their campaign to disrupt the second round of the presidential election scheduled for November 7.

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