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Monday, June 8, 2009

Mexico Under Seige

Balacera en Acapulco
courtesy: Buenos Aires Translator


Can Mexico endure more? The Swine Flu. The Global Economic Crisis. The endless drug war now spreading into tourist zones.

Tourism surged in 2008, but negative press this year threatens these gains. A war for the control of Mexico is underway (for a while now) and no victor seems apparent.

Yesterday, far from the firefights along the US-Mexico border, a battle royale between federales and reputed narcos burst into the open in Acapulco's oldest sector where famous tourist hotels are located. The narco war now threatens to crowd out the tourist dollar, a vital component of the state's economy.

As per our previous analysis, questions remains whether the Mexican state can in fact "win" the drug war. There is no persuasive evidence at this time.

BBC Mundo:

Acapulco, el famoso centro vacacional de México, fue escenario de un fuerte enfrentamiento entre supuestos narcotraficantes y miembros del ejército.

Acapulco, the famous Mexican vacation destination, was the scene of an intense confrontation among supposed narcotraficantes and members of the army.

Al menos 16 hombres armados y dos soldados murieron durante el tiroteo que se produjo en plena zona hotelera.

At least 16 armed men and two soldiers died during the firefight in the hotel zone.

Varios soldados y miembros del público resultaron heridos durante la batalla en el barrio viejo de la ciudad.

Some soldiers and members of the public were wounded during the battle in the oldest section of the city.

La corresponsal de BBC Mundo en México, Cecilia Barría, informó que la balacera se prolongó por más de cuatro horas provocando alarma entre los turistas de la zona.

BBC Mundo's correspondent in Mexico, Cecilia Barria, said the shootout continued for more than four hours causing alarm among tourists in the zone.

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