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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Terror, Inc. Nuclear Ambitions Unabated and Uninterrupted

 Terror, Inc.'s drive for nuclear primacy continues unabated and uninterrupted.

Global security officials in Western capitals appear to have acquiesced to a nuclear terror state bent on Islamic jihad.

Is Iran already nuclear?

Iran will become (if not already) a nuclear state. GSM has been confident in that fact since its 2009 Net Assessment.

The Western powers do not have the will to challenge the terror tyrants in Tehran, a fact underscored by the dovish US Obama Administration.

Aggressors throughout history have profited from the cowards in Western officialdom.

One of the mysteries about the entire Iranian ambitious push for nuclear primacy has been the timeline.

Recently analyzed Iranian telexes contained in an ISIS report again point to weaponized nuclear capability from the beginning. It seems Iran  has been working on its nuclear portfolio longer than Western "experts" believe.

Just how far along are the Iranian nuclear projects?

It is absolutely folly for the top US intelligence official to doubt Iran has decided to pursue  nuclear breakout.

Tehran Undeterred

Iran is serious about marrying its burgeoning nuclear capability with the ballistic missiles to deliver warheads.

Tehran is undeterred in its maniacal maneuver to eliminate the state of Israel, become a regional hegemon, and drive the US out of the Middle East.

Just as more futile sanctions were applied by the European Union (EU) and it was learned that Iran had greater capacity to enrich uranium, Tehran called for negotiations.

Time and again negotiations have been used by aggressors throughout history to consolidate their naked ambitions and to keep their enemies on the defensive.

This "rope-a-dope" strategy still advances Iran's nuclear goals while lulling the cowardly West.

Given Tehran's record deception and deceit throughout its entire nuclear escapade, really, what is there to negotiate?

Iran laughs at the West and marches steadily toward its atomic dream.


More pressure is now on Israel to stand down and let Iran go nuclear without a fuss.

The US Administration has an election to win and the EU is just plain powerless.

China and Russia prod on Iran in their proxy war with the US in the MidEast region. These two protectors encourage Tehran to defy the West and to do so with impunity.

It may yet be a couple of years before Iran explodes a nuclear bomb to once and for all clear up any doubts about its capability.

However, Iran will become nuclear - that is without any doubt.

The next question is how to be ready to counter a nuclear terror state in one of the world's most volatile regions.

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