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Sunday, May 22, 2011

#Middle East and #Latin America Heat Up, #Spain Turns Right

Tyranny grows at freedom's expense in the Middle East and Latin America. Spain, suffering the ills of statism, turns to rightist Popular Party (PP) in local elections for a way out of its economic, social, and political malaise.

US Power Again Undermined by Obama Speech on Israel-Palestinian "Issue"

US President Obama, feeling his oats after killing Osama bin Laden on May 1, turned to one of the perennial chestnuts of global security - the so-called Israel-Palestinian issue.

In a speech on Thursday, while Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu was in the air on his way to Washington for talks, Mr. Obama hoped to trap his supposed ally in a public relations vise grip.

The gambit backfired spectacularly. Mr. Obama's call for a forced return of Israel to its pre-1967 borders was soundly rejected by Mr. Netanyahu and supporters of Israel.

The Jewish state's current borders were forged when its Arab neighbors ganged up for invasion and were soundly thrashed in combat, a historical fact seemingly ignored or not understood by the US president. History ignored usually is history repeated.

The public degrading of a US ally, nothing new from the current US administration, is yet another wakeup call for both friend (those remaining) and foe. Washington leans harder on its allies while refusing to confront common enemies, an amazing shift from previous administrations that understood realpolitik.

The naive leftist US president was rebuked publicly in the Oval Office on Friday by Mr. Netanyahu for all of the world's cameras to record the open dispute between supposed allies.

Mr. Obama endangered Israel's existence with his reckless and radical US policy shift despite claims to the contrary now that harsh criticism has descended upon him.

That a US president would apparently endorse the Muqawama Doctrine used by Israel's terrorist enemies is despicable.

The current US administration's anti-Israel bias is highly disturbing and provides too much comfort to the radical elements that work diligently to dissolve US power already on the wane in the Middle East and the state of Israel.

Missile Silos, ALBA Intrigue, FARC Laptop Fallout, Mel back to Honduras

Hugo Chavez's ALBA (Alternativa Bolivariana para Los Pubelos de Nuestra América) tyranny project continues unopposed across Latin America.

After reports at the end of 2010 about plans for Iran to install medium-range missiles in Venezuela, again German sources indicated this week an initiative to build missile bases on the Paraguaná Peninsula jutting out into the balmy Caribbean Sea just miles from Colombia.

Terror,Inc, racing to master the nuclear genie and build the missiles to deliver payloads of mass destruction, is not content to meddle in the Middle East region. That is why rogue regimes must be confronted and defeated. Their tentacles, once firmly rooted, continue to spread around the world.

All of this news comes on the heels of reporting about Iran's new Quiyam missile test fired by the Revolutionary Guard this week.

Iran is not the only interloper in the region (See Russian bombers post).

Now Washington, should it have the will, must confront growing Iranian influence in Latin America in alliance with Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez. The encirclement of the US and its dwindling friends in the region meshes nicely with the diabolic plans of both Tehran and Caracas to spread tyranny wherever possible.

Two other Chavez-related news bits from the region were reported this week. First, Colombia's Supreme Court ruled any evidence from the FARC laptops seized in a daring raid into Ecuador in March 2008 was inadmissible in legal proceedings.

Reyes, the number two guerrilla commander, was killed and a treasure trove of laptops and thumb drives were confiscated by the military. However, the Court cited military, not police, handling of the evidence in its harmful decision for the side of freedom in a region with less every day.

As Bogotá's El Tiempo reports today, the decision continues to cause shockwaves in and outside of Colombia. Colombian congressional representatives under investigation for collaboration with the narcoterrorist FARC and related international cases could be scuttled now. Chavez figures prominently in the FARC laptops which is not surprising given his belligerency toward democratic states.

In Cartagena, Colombia, today, Presidente Santos and the Venezuelan foreign minister welcomed the current presidente of Honduras, Porfirio Lobo, and the legally-ousted Chavista Mel Zelaya.

In a plan cobbled together over four days, Zelaya is allowed to return to Honduras to continue his tyrannical campaign and Honduras is eligible to re-enter among the flaccid Chavista-dominated Organization of American States (OAS).

The Chavistas have not given up on adding Honduras to their notch in the belt of Latin American countries heading toward the totalitarianism of Fidel's Cuba and Chavez's Venezuela: Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and soon-to-be Peru.

The return of Zelaya supposedly heals the wounds he opened with his failed gambit to force Honduras into the ALBA orbit. It is quite the opposite and the consequences for freedom-loving Honduras will become quickly apparent.

Spain's Socialists Smashed in Local Elections - "una histórica victoria" (historic victory)

Spaniards went to the polls in droves seeking relief from the pain of the incumbent Socialist Party's disastrous misrule and the country's tattered economy which threatens to deepen the eurocrisis gripping the Continent.

According to the Socialist fave, El País, the rightist opposition PP (Partido Popular) swept 10 of 13 regions and gained 10 points on the incumbent Socialists in local elections.

José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero was always the accidental president of Spain elected as a chaotic reaction to the PP's mishandling of the macabre 11-M Islamic terror attacks at the Atocha train station in 2004 on the eve of the presidential election.

The witless political apparatchik, Zapatero, was never qualified to lead the country and adding the failed policies of the Euro-Socialists, the electoral carnage today results.

Socialism threatens to undermine the entire European Union. After Portugal's €78 billion bailout this week by the IMF, eyes turn to "sick" Spain.

Presidente Zapatero should resign immediately given his Party's sound rejection by Spaniards across the country.

Stay tuned for the clearest insights into global security issues as developments warrant!


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S O said...

"More energy will have to be pumped in from France and Poland at an added cost to German consumers."

This is misleading.

Germany is a net electricity exporter (about 5% surplus).
The shutdown of nuclear power plants will likely not even suffice to change this, for there's a significant growth of alternative production capacity.

The shortage scenarios are merely about peak demand hours at times with little wind.

The backlash to the final(?) end for nuclear power in Germany is one of the few major fear-mongering episodes in German politics.