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Monday, January 24, 2011

Colombia Soldiers on with Cuts in US Aid

Bogotá vows to continue its fight against narco-terrorists according to a report at ''Colombia no bajará guardia en lucha antidrogas ante recorte de ayuda de EEUU'' (Colombia to keep guard up in anti-drug fight despite US aid cut).

The marked decline in funds disbursed under the so-called Plan Colombia (begun in 2001) comes under a policy shift of US President Obama.

According to the article, the focus of US efforts in the international drug war is ''más enfocada en la prevención y en el tratamiento de los adictos (more focused on prevention and treatment of addicts.).

The Bush Administration before had given priority to attacking the drug problem at its source - confronting the narcoterrorist Farc guerrilla fighting Bogotá for more than 50 years - and also shore up an important ally in a very dangerous neighborhood.

Given the Left's visceral hatred for Plan Colombia, it is not very surprising the Obama Administration is content to let the funds dry up whatever the regional implications.

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