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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Más alla Nica-Tico Tiff - A Nicaragua Canal?

 GSM figured correctly there was an ulterior motive for Nicaragua's sudden interest in the mouth of the San Juan River running into the Caribbean Sea in the extreme southeast border region with Costa Rica.

Never ever trust ALBA and its members. 

While Comadante Ortega no doubt wants to gin up nationalist sentiment ahead of his unconstitutional third bid in presidential elections next year, one cannot forget Nicaragua's dream of its own canal traversing the border with Costa Rica from the Caribbean to the Pacific Ocean (the so-called Canal Interoceánico de Nicaragua).

Recall the first plan for the later Panama Canal was to traverse Nicaragua.

Sinister Sandinista Scenario

A confluence of interests apparently converged in the rash Nicaraguan invasion of Costa Rica territory.

Haartez curiously reports today that Iran and Venezuela have designs for a Nicaragua Canal noting that dredging is already under way. Costa Rica frets the attendant environmental damage.

Río San Juan
Compañero Chavez desperately seeks to get his oil to energy-starved China and a pipeline through Colombia seems improbably given the rocky relations between the two brotherly neighbors.

China actively plots to limit Washington's influence in the region.

Russia and even the United Arab Emirates have expressed interest in a Nicaragua Canal.

While there is no denying economic benefits for Latin America's second poorest country (after Haiti), ALBA's interest come first: spreading its tyranny at the expense of freedom-lovers in the region.

Given Nicaragua is a noted transshipment point in the narcotics trade and Venezuela is a haven for both drugs and Hizbullah terrorists, it is not difficult to see a coming calamity of a Nicaragua Canal under Sandinista-ALBA direction.

Enough mischief is possible to warrant grave concern among freedom-lovers in the region. 

Will Nicaraguan Bullies Withdraw from Isla Calero?
Just look at the cast of international characters potentially involved in the canal project.

Managua flatly rejected the OAS' demand to withdraw its troops from Tico territory today.

ALBA bullying must not be allowed to prosper. 

This hardening resolve with unalloyed ALBA support and the cast of characters potentially involved in any canal deal require an immediate resolution to thwart the nefarious plans at the expense of peace-loving Costa Rica and freedom-lovers throughout the hemisphere.

Given Costa Rica only has a mere national police force in face of a trained Sandinista Army, San José needs diplomatic reinforcement to stare down Managua's strong arm tactics.

Is Washington watching? Is the Obama Administration able to decipher the freedom-lover and the tyrant in this spat?

It is high time the Castro-Chavez Axis in Latin America is confronted resolutely - the sooner the better.

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