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Monday, July 13, 2009

Hands Off Honduras Part II

Positive progress is underway in the post-Zelaya Honduras as evidenced by these headlines in the daily El Heraldo:

Deuda interna se disparó en 100 por ciento
Internal debt shot up 100%

New government inherits a sum of 13,700 millions in lempiras, plus interest

Narcoavionetas dejaron de aterrizar en Honduras

Narcoplanes no longer land in Honduras

En los primeros seis meses, las autoridades registran al menos 14 ‘narcoavionetas’ que ingresaron al país. La última fue el 15 de junio y desde entonces no ha vuelto a producirse otro aterrizaje
In the first six months, authorities counted at least 14 'narcoplanes' entering the country. The last one was on June 15 and no more have landed.

Exploding debt and drug planes. Forced entry into the Chavez-Castro Club of ultra-leftists in Latin America. Is this the type of country the international community wants to force back upon Honduras?

The proud country of Honduras deserves better.

Its spirited resistance to accepting Mr. Zelaya merits kudos. The first successful throwing off the Castro-Chavez Club yoke should lift those who love democracy in neighboring El Salvador, the next stage of the fight for freedom in Central America given the ballot box FMLN victors in the presidential election last March.

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