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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Thai Tempest Boils Over, Again - State of Emergency

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Analysis: It is painful to see Thailand unravel. It is very polarized at the moment. The embarrassment of forcing the cancellation of the ASEAN summit this weekend matches the opponents' closing of the international airport last year. Something has to give, but there seems to be no common ground between the two warring sides.

Bangkok: incidents et état d’urgence - Actualités internationales
source: France3

Bangkok: incidents et état d'urgence

Clashes amid demonstrations by "red shirts” in Thailand (April 2009)

France 3

The Thai government decreed a state of emergency on Sunday in Bangkok wracked by demonstrations.

On Sunday, thousands of demonstrators defied a state of emergency imposed in Bangkok where armed soldiers were deployed on the streets.

The tension worsened on Sunday with the arrest of the demonstration leader in Pattaya, the former pop singer Arisma Pongreungrong. Later the state of emergency was declared in and around Bangkok.

In Bangkok, anti-government demonstrators erected barricades and seized an armored vehicle. Violence left at least six injured according to emergency personnel.

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